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Friday, December 28, 2007

Wallpapers plus Themes, Skins, and Icons

Browsing Wallpaper on deviantART
Lots of customized wallpaper in numerous categories, browse by "popular" and/or various time frames.
Free Desktop Wallpapers | Free Stock Photos | Fresh Desktop Wallpapers
Featured wallpapers and stock photos
Christmas Wallpaper | New 2007 Christmas Wallpaper Collection
Each year, Christmas Corner gives you a brand new, free collection of Christmas wallpaper for you to download.
Download Themes, Skins, Wallpapers and Icons for Windows from the original skin site!
Customize.org is the original skins and themes site, since 1998 -- 100,000 members, who have helped to build our library of high-quality wallpapers, skins, themes and more.
Typography desktop wallpapers.
Fifteen "I Love Typography" wallpapers
Free wallpapers, wallpaper download
The desktop wallpapers for free. Here you can find the best collection of quality pictures for Windows, Linux or Apple desktop. Images for every tastes are sorted by visitors' favour.
Download Windows Vista Wallpapers, Backgrounds Themes
You can download any of these beautiful Windows Vista desktop backgrounds by clicking the wallpaper thumbnail images. They are all high resolution Vista Wallpapers and will also fit your wide screen Laptops or dual screen computer monitors. Will even make a perfect Windows Vista theme for XP.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Wallpapers, Search, and Generator

Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures, Desktop Wallpapers, Screensavers, Photography - National Geographic
National Geographic Wallpapers by Categories. Also, Most Popular Wallpapers and Editor's Picks.
Find Wallpapers Using Google
How to better find high resolution wallpapers via Google and Yahoo.
Useful wallpaper generator
What do you think about a useful wallpaper? A wallpaper which gives your desktop a technical touch and may also be useful for measuring pixel sizes?
Picasa Web Albums - d e f c o n - Ubuntu Wallpaper
80-plus Ubuntu-themed Wallpapers
Eyecandy for your KDE-Desktop
Many wallpapers by screen size, highest rated, most downloads, etc.
Wallpaper Search Engine
A Google Custom Wallpaper Search Engine covering 11 wallpaper sites
Desktop wallpapers
Latest desktop wallpapers. Good news! New wallpaper every 3 hours! 16 Categories.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Newly Discovered Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Pixelgirl Presents Free Icons, Desktops and Gallery Shop!
1364 Desktop Images. "Enjoy the highest quality desktops on the web!"
Squidfingers / Patterns
158 background patterns...
Caedes Desktop Backgrounds - Photography, Abstract, 3D - Caedes Desktop Wallpaper - Caedes.net
Caedes is a close community of artists, designers, and photographers who share their work through the medium of computer desktop wallpaper.
Welcome to Desktopography | Exhibition III (2007)| Natural Desktop Aesthetics
"Desktopography now presents its third release, a selection of nature themed backgrounfs for your computer made by selected designers. (40 pieces)"
PixelResort.com » Downloads
Three wallpapers and six icons...

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Listings for Cool, Interesting, and Cute Wallpapers

Suppressed Feelings
Several dozen interesting wallpapers
Owaranai Kiss Designs
Six pages of cute wallpapers
Unharmonisch[PUNKT]de * Jenseits von Digga, Softpornos & Klopapier
Dozens of cool wallpapers
InterfaceLIFT: High-Resolution Widescreen Wallpaper (by date)
The wallpapers listed below are sorted by the date they were posted to the site. Newest desktops are on top. Click here to find out what resolution your monitor is currently running at.
x//__kyuusho.net~ ate point OH
Desktop Wallpapers Here you will find wallapers that you can use. These wallpapers are for your desktop only.
v11. heavenly forest. tada, kimi wo aishiteru
15 interesting close-up wallpapers
Below are free wallpapers for your desktop. They are all made by the staff of Pearl Vision unless stated otherwise.
H I K A R U H O S H I --- W I N T E R V E R S I O N
"Welcome to Hikaru Hoshi, your authority of graphic design, tutorials, resources, media downloads and more. " - Tons of wallpapers.
Social Wallpapering
"Welcome to Social Wallpapering, a community effort to classify, rank, and distribute high resolution images for use as computer wallpaper."

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Computer Wallpapers

Featured Mac Download: Spice Up Your Desktop with Time-Lapsing Wallpaper
Mac OS X only: Freeware applications Wallpaper Clocks and Desktopia set time-specific wallpapers to your desktop, providing you with a fun and effective way to keep an eye on the time with attractive wallpapers.
Rachel's Links for Desktop Wallpapers
Celebs and Models Wallpapers, Movies and Films Wallpapers, Cars and Vechiles Wallpapers, Bikes Wallpapers, Special Desktop Wallpapers... They're all free and high-quality, clean with no watermarks or logos, so enjoy

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Desktop Wallpaper Listings

Larissa Meek » Oh Lolliop! It’s a desktop wallpaper.
I want to give back to my loyal readers this holiday season with a free desktop wallpaper with colorful lollipops that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

OS Feeds : Use a Screensaver as Desktop Wallpaper with Wallsaver [Featured Mac Download]
Mac OS X only: Turn your desktop into a photo slideshow using freeware app Wallsaver. Wallsaver is a very simple application written in AppleScript that replaces your wallpaper with the current screensaver.

Power of the Pens » Derek Welch
The characters in the artwork are called Smooshi Mooshi. They are mushrooms with the exception of "Dap" who is a droplet of water.

Design Jennifer Aniston Desktop Wallpaper - TutorialKit.com
This tutorial will show you how to take a photograph off of the web, even if the quality is not high and turn it into a quality computer desktop wallpaper to use or distribute.

InterfaceLIFT: Widescreen Wallpaper
A Small Gift for Christmas

Desktop Wallpapers to Put You in the Christmas Spirit « Reveling in the Ordinary
It’s not too late to decorate your computer for the holidays! Grab one of these nifty desktop wallpapers today!

Foxkeh's Blog - Foxkeh wallpapers, December 2007
Foxkeh's December wallpapers are finally available!! Wearing the knit beanie, scarf and mittens which he got as gifts, Foxkeh is enjoying the first snow of the season.

DELARGE: » Wallpaper wonderland
Some wise men once said that ‘3 is the magic number’, and it is because here is the 3rd delarge desktop wallpaper in a row, ready to add a little magic to your machine.

Paxton Prints
This collection of images entitled, "The Least of These," is based on Matthew 25:34-40 and revolves around capturing portraits of people in need.

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