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Friday, February 29, 2008

Space Wallpapers

Hyper Space
View from the cockpit
Planet Wallpaper/Saturn Rings
Saturn sits nested in its rings of ice as Cassini once again plunges toward the graceful giant.
Awesome Space iPhone Wallpaper!
Planet Wallpaper/Mercury Unseen Side
Messenger captured this image of Mercury's unseen side during the return to Mercury after 75 years. It's the first time ever that humans catch a glimpse of Mercury's dark side.
Eclipse Upon Re-Entry
Terragen planet ring with photoshop brushes and much effort to set the mood!
Discovery backdropped by Earth
The Space Shuttle Discovery backdropped by Earth with the moon visible in the background.
astronomy wallpaper
Astronomical Pictures

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Anime Wallpapers

Anime Paper - Anime and Manga wallpapers and scans!
Anime Paper - Anime Wallpaper Community
Ningen's Anime Wallpapers
The winter anime season always feels a bit slow, but there a few shows I've been following, one of which is True Tears!
Bleach Anime Wallpaper:
I wish to have around ten reviews in each of the current categories and I want to add more categories of different characters. To fill up the current categories with reviews I will have to review around 50 more bleach wallpapers.
MangaArts - Wallpaper Download | Naruto Wallpaper : Hatake Kakashi
This is my first wallpaper for Hatake Kakashi series. His mask and his scar in his eye resemble my favourite ninja character from the famous Tenchu video game.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Animated Wallpaper

GameSMS: Animated Mobile Wallpapers .GIF
Animated flowers. Note: actual image will be more clearly than thumbnails
Island Dog » Animated Wallpaper: Poubel Coconuts
Brenopoubel has created another beautiful .dream (animated wallpaper) and shared it with the community. This is a "tropical" .dream with gently swaying palm trees against a sunset background.
Desktop Effects
Desktop Effects is an application that adds special effects to your desktop. Forget the old boring and static wallpaper! Show a dynamic photo slideshow on your desktop, or just use it to scribble notes.
Halloween Tree Animated Wallpaper 5.07 Free Download
Halloween Tree is an Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia devoted to ...Halloween.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pretty Wallpapers

Bavarian Landscape
It's pretty to look at, but imagine being stuck there for life, with the nearest "proper" city hundreds of kilometers away :(
Last one at the playground
Just a pretty oak leaf in some pea gravel at my son's favorite playground. I liked the composition and the texture.
mandolux | desktops | flowers | For Nadja
A rose for a rose. I was going to give you this but went with something more special that actually took work
Ducky - InterfaceLIFT: Widescreen Wallpaper
One of the pictures that turned out pretty nice after my weekend lightbox shoot-out:
What a Pretty Roach
You might not think so, but it is
Moments later to be hit with a hammer
These are pretty but useless.
Fractal World Gallery Thumbnails : cosmic recursive fractal flames or flame fractals
Fractal World Gallery contains a collection of Pure flame fractals, fractal flame composites, fractals, etc:
Almost too pretty to eat...
My aunt made this salad for Thanksgiving...
Pretty Blue Eyes January 2008 Wallpaper KDE-Look.org
...every so often she puts just beautiful pictures for GP use like this one.
Since I got back to NYC, I spend my lunch hours searching the streets for a decent cup of expresso and just maybe, something as unexpectedly pretty as this.
Pretty Sky
Pretty Sky
Girl in The Bahamas
Pretty Girl Looking To the South in the Bahamas
mandolux | desktops | flowers | UFO Flower
Do you know what genus the above belongs to? Just wondering.
Rhapsody in Pink
Pretty amazing flower
Easy Day
Chicago's Montrose Harbor Lighthouse on a day when it has very little to do but stand there and look pretty.
mandolux | desktops | flowers | Gardenia/2K6
If you are wondering why I didn't cut that gray/dying gardenia - I didn't have the heart to do it. This gardenia is my very own and it took me over two years to get it blooming.
Black Milk Pink - InterfaceLIFT: Widescreen Wallpaper
It was my obsession for a while to drink black milk with a pretty pink background
Flower Heart
Beautiful, delicate, pretty flower
mandolux | desktops | zen | Striped Rock
pretty zen
sultan ahmad mosque
I can only say Its pretty and wonderful.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A la Disney Wallpapers

Self portrait
Disney Store, New York City
Eeyore Desktop Wallpaper [1280x1024]
We all know there's a little vietnamese woman in there.
Los Disneys Inspired Wallpaper 1280x1024
Download the wallpaper here: ...Here's the game:
Top of Expedition Everest
I shot this as I got to the top of the ride "Expedition Everest" in the Animal Kingdom at Disney World. I rode this ride 3 times in a row, and it was awesome each time!
This was in a nature trail through the Asian section of the Animal Kingdom in Disney World.
mandolux | desktops | architecture | Walt Disney Hall - Grand Avenue (Triptych)
Walt Disney Hall - Grand Avenue - Triptych

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Monday, February 11, 2008

New: Car Wallpapers

Rusted Dodge Front
Now with removed colour! See entire car
Plymouth Builds Great Cars
[ornament] A classy 1940 Plymouth streetrod (the exterior is only mildly customized) seen on a walk through Gettysburg.
Mustang Sally...
Pink for the Ladies
Chevrolet SS Concept Car, 2003 | Free Background Wallpapers 1024x768
Chevrolet SS Concept Car,
Volvo 850 wallpaper 1280x1024
I don't see many pictures of Volvo 850 around so I created this wallpaper from my photos.
BMW 1 er
...from above
Car Wallpapers and Pictures
My Car Wallpapers is your source for thousands of high quality car pictures and car wallpapers. We have all makes and models. Everything from BMW's to Ferraris to Muscle Cars to Race Cars.
Thunderbird ornament
BMW 645 ci
Car-wash in Verviers, Belgium.
Pontiac GTO Sports Car, 2004 | Free Background Wallpapers 1024x768
Pontiac GTO Sports Car, 2004
Candy Apple
Deep Paint

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fun and Funny Wallpapers

Organic Baby Food with Worms
Comment: LOL... I wonder whose baby is fed with such goodies.
Buffelhead - water ballet
All these sweet, wonderful, funny Buffelheads would skate back across the water for ever more food.
(the water 25 feet below is only about 2ft deep)
Drôle d'oiseau / Funny Bird
Every day since January 2005 I added a picture and converted it to multiple Desktop wallpapers formats. All those pictures are available for free, no hassle, no need to register...
Funny death's-head desktop wallpaper for display with 1440x900 resolution.
wish me luck:)
i found it today. this is so funny, a genetic (i mean hereditary) kind of thing - me and my mum find a lot of them.
Early Thanksgiving???
As I walked to Safeway from my car this sight presented itself to me... I'm glad I had my camera. Talk about taking home the freshest Holiday main plate!
mandolux | desktops | other | Clitachio
titanium panels funny topology
Details of the titanium panels shaping in intricate ways the amazing building of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Nature, Landscapes, Flowers, Animals

into the light
captured in oderberg (germany / brandenburg) - surreal landscape looks like a painting
A walk in the rain - a forest stream
Stream rushing down through autumn forest
February Wallpaper
Beautiful Sahara landscape calendar wallpaper
Free Desktop Wallapaper Calendar For February
Finally I have new calendar wallpaper [Camelia flower] for your desktop. They are free to download. I hope you like them.
Another widscreen 1920x1080 format crop. This time of the view looking towards Corniglia, Italy.
Bright beautiful buildings line the hillside in the Italian town of Riomaggiore.
Autumn trees and rock wall frame fall meadow
Cool close-up of beautiful jag - animals
Walk On Water
Canadian geese in the wetlands - nature, animals
Cala Goloritzè_7
welcome to paradise. rocky beach landscape
3D Sunset
Fantasy landscape sunset
Wallpaper: Find the Girllllly!
Its done in Photoshop using some custom brushes, first find the girly, then the kiss and last the old beard man…abstract
Fiore Biano e Nero
Colorful flower springs from dark gray pond.
..heron (reflected)
WeraCoba Park at Lakebottom ..posted for Nature Scenes, Nature Theme for January 2008 (reflections)
Last Light
A fitting end to a remarkable day, as the sun sets in Corniglia, Italy. [a beautiful sunset]
Nature's Wallpaper
Ahead Of The Pack... Check Out Another Flower Macro From Nature's Wallpaper
Klaus the Jesters Island - Klaus Nars Holm
Snow, sleet, rain and only a few hours of daylight. Scandinavia in the winter. - Foggy landscape.
Natural fall and spring in one iPhone wallpaper
Nature Wallpapers for the iPod Touch / iPhone | iPod Jam
Nature Wallpapers for the iPod Touch / iPhone
Carretera Valles a Xilitla 7489 - SLP México 2007
Carretera Valles a Xilitla (SLP, México) atravesando la Región Huasteca de Norte a Sur. Curvy road into the unknown
Blossom ground
Spring flowers emerging from winter's snow
Girasoli 001
large sunflower, small bee - flowers, animals
Blue-Eyed Grass
Pretty blue flower - Sawyer Camp Trail, San Mateo, California
Celosia argentea | Keitou
Bright pink flowers reach for the sky.
Cute owl in nature - animals
Free Paris Hilton Wallpaper
Female Celebs Wallpapers > Paris Hilton Wallpapers, cleaning the pool
High Quality Wallpapers from all over the world - pictures, background, photos, picture, wallpapers, holiday, summer, stockphotos, images, wallpaper
Travel, Nature, Scenery, Landscape, City, Country Widescreen, Dual Screen Wallpapers and High Quality Photos all around the World
Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site 1.5.2008. This hidden treasure of a park is minutes from our home. I pass it everyday but today was the first time we ever checked it out - it is absolutely gorgeous!
Grapevines and Mustard
Wintery wine vines in the fog - nature, landscape
The Cold Finger of Death...
Someone pointed out that this looks a lot like the Grimm Reaper's hand coming out of the ground... I liked that and renamed this.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

3D Wallpaper Roundup

3D Mindscape
Gallery of about 75 3D Wallpapers
Clouds in 3D
White clouds in 3D against a deep blue sky.
wallpaper : dffrnt - Late Night Work
dffrnt desktop wallpaper, 1280 x 800 resolution. Note: The guy is a 3d model, this is not a photo.
Desktop Wallpapers · Gallery · 3D-Art · White Magic
White Magic Desktop Wallpapers · 3D-Art White Magic From 3D-Art (1024x768, 171K)
3D Grafik
The digg Wallpaper by ^emciem on deviantART
Nothing fancy, a quick and dirty render. Nurbs, lamberts, area light, that's it.
Fire Spider (3D)
Pyrocluster Fire, Volume clouds, Spider complete modeling. That was a lot of work, and i wait a long time for rendering.
Desktop Wallpapers · Gallery · 3D-Art · Chromed Fantasy
Chromed Fantasy Desktop Wallpapers · 3D-Art Chromed Fantasy From 3D-Art (1024x768, 91K)

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Special: Valentine's Day Wallpaper

Valentine's Day Wallpaper
All valentine wallpaper in this collection are 800x600.

BlackDog's Valentine Wallpaper
Get in the mood for love by decorating your computer screen with one of BlackDog's nifty Valentine wallpaper images.

Free Disney Valentine's Day Computer Wallpaper
Winnie the Pooh and Piglet's Valentine Wallpaper (Wallpapers are in the following resolutions ... www.disneythemes.com/valentine.htm

Valentine Wallpaper - Valentine Flowers - Valentine Rose...
PicturesValentine Wallpaper - Valentine Flowers - Valentine Rose, [Chinese Version ... Valentine Wallpaper - Valentine Flowers - Valentine Rose ... 

Valentine Wallpaper Download Page
While there are a number of sites for Valentine Wallpaper downloads like Screensavers and Desktop Themes.

Valentine Wallpapers
Please choose from the Valentine wallpaper sizes below and follow these simple wallpaper instructions. Add our eye-popping Valentine wallpaper to your desktop!

valentine wallpapers, valentine wallpaper, holiday wallpapers ...
Offers free valentine wallpapers, valentine animated wallpapers, valentine 3d wallpapers, valentine images, wallpaper and more.www.graphicsarcade.com/holidays/valentine/wallpapers

Valentines Day Wallpaper - Over 400 Free Valentine Wallpapers...
Largest selection of free Valentine wallpaper downloads - Valentine's Day wallpapers on the net!

Free Valentine Wallpaper at ChristiaNet.com
valentine wallpaper, gifs, graphics, photos and valentine background images. ... Free Valentine Wallpaper 

FreewareWeb - Valentine Wallpaper
Wallpapers: Holidays:. Sorted Order: Newest Additions First.. .  Valentine Wallpaper. Browse By Category. Comics of the Day. 

Valentines Day wallpapers, Valentine wallpaper: wallpapers ....
Valentines day wallpapers of different sizes with different patterns and images

Billy Bear's Valentine's WallPaper
Billy Bear's Animated Shareware Storybooks. Our playground is filled with Online ... Valentine's Wallpaper for your Computer's Desktop. Valentine Wallpaper

Valentine's Day Wallpapers, Free Valentine's Day Wallpaper, Valentine ...
These cute and happy love bugs are all heart in this fun and charming Valentine wallpaper.

St. Valentines Day-My Favorite Wallpaper pictures...
My collection of favorite valentine wallpaper collected over the years. I am back again this year for more of your lovely Valentine Wallpaper.

Valentine Wallpapers, Screensavers, Hotbars, Desktop themes, Valentines ...
Roses falling...Transpaerent background, will look great on any Valentine Wallpaper. Valentine Tyke is an original Valentine wallpaper, icons and cursors.

Download Romantic Valentine Wallpaper Collection from Files32 : ...
Romantic Valentine Wallpaper Collection - This Beautiful Collection Consists Of 5 Top Quality Valentine/Romance Wallpapers In Full Screen ...

Free Valentine Wallpaper - Valentine Cursors, Wallpapers, Screensavers ...
Free Valentine Wallpaper - Valentine Cursors, Wallpapers, Screensavers, Themes Baby Angels Valentine - Baby angels on a cloud giving each other valentine gifts of love on this valentine wallpaper.

valentine wallpaper - free wallpaper - computer wallpapers for your desktop
valentine wallpaper for your computer. desktop calendar images. Click here for our new wallpapers. or see a full list of ... 

Valentine wallpaper
The first place to look for wallpaper! Valentine wallpapers and much more! ... Valentine wallpaper 01. Valentine wallpaper 02. Page: 1 

Disney Valentines Day and Easter Disney Wallpaper Stati...
Belle Valentines Day Wallpaper I just posted a new Princess Belle Valentine Wallpaper background set ... 

Free Valentine's Day Wallpapers, Valentine's Day Wallpaper, Valentine ...
These cute and happy love bugs are all heart in this fun and charming Valentine wallpaper.

Free Valentine wallpaper
Free Valentine wallpapers ...ScreenSaver ... Free Valentine Wallpaper. Valentine Wallpaper. Love it! Hate it! 

Valentine Wallpaper Pack by ~akkasone on deviantART
Valentine Wallpaper Pack by ~akkasone on deviantART

Valentine's Day Screensavers Desktop Themes- Valentine Wallpaper
Valentine's Day Screensavers Wallpaper. Romantic screensavers and desktop themes for Valentine's Day. Valentine screensaver wallpaper

Valentines Day Wallpapers,Valentine Day Wallpaper,Free Wallpaper...
Download free Valentines Day wallpapers, animated valentine day wallpaper, valentine backgrounds, valentine wallpapers and valentines day themes to ...

Download Be My Valentine Wallpaper by Monica Van der Weer
this wallpaper via your browser or Download this wallpaper file here ... recommended) or Download this wallpaper

Free Be My Valentine wallpaper
Free Be My Valentine wallpapers ... Free Be My Valentine Wallpaper. Be My Valentine Wallpaper. Love it! Hate it! 

Free Happy Valentine wallpaper
Free Happy Valentine wallpapers ... Free Happy Valentine Wallpaper. Happy Valentine Wallpaper. Love it! Hate it! 

Valentine Cards at AngelWinks Heavenly Post Card Shoppe
AngelWinks Heavenly Post Card Shoppe ... Here are some beautiful pictures for your 'Wallpaper'. Please click to see them.

Free Valentine Screensavers, Freeware Valentines Screensavers, ...
Valentine was a Roman priest who was martyred because he refused to renounce ... but Valentine defied the law and married couples 

Free Valentine Outlook Stationery - Valentine Cursors, Wallpapers ...
Please Be Mine - Happy little bluebirds share their love for each other as they stand atop a pretty pink heart with a message of Be Mine in this great Valentine wallpaper. Purple Heart - Enjoy this brilliant Valentine wallpaper of a purple heart set on a fractural background of some pretty pinks and dotted with orange, pink and purple fireflys.

Valentine's Day Wallpaper, Screensaver, Ecards, Poems and History from ...
Valentine's Corner is your stop for everything related to love, cupid and Valentine's Day. ... Make Valentine's Day Special. Valentine's Day is the day set aside each year

Wallpapers, Screensavers, Desktop themes, IE Skins, Incredimails ...
 3d Desktop Themes. 3d Screensavers. 3d Wallpaper. Animal Desktop Themes. Animal Screensavers

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Friday, February 01, 2008

New Calendar and Valentine Wallpapers and More

Happy Valentine’s Day 2008 wallpaper
My Valentine’s Day wallpaper has a very simple and clean approach, the main attention is the heart shapes which form the word “LOVE”. There is a cupid on the left and a kissing couple at the right side.
Mallow - Flower Wallpaper
I like the contrast between the pink bloom and the green background.
Wallpaper: February Calendar
February may be the month of sweethearts, but for an AFS soldier the war never ends. [calendar wallpaper]
Free Earth From Space Wallpaper
Just a beautiful wallpaper of our planet Earth.
Warm Vs Cool Wallpaper - Free Download
Fantastic colors and nice details abound in this wallpaper. This image leaves you thinking, is that a painting, drawing or photo?
Shabby Princess
I share the FREE February desktop!
Detroit Pistons February 2008 Schedule Wallpaper
Here's the February 2008 Pistons Schedule Wallpaper with the home games in red and the away games in blue.
Foxkeh February 2008 wallpaper
Following the Olympic Games theme for this year, Foxkeh is trying curling during February.
Skateboarding Wallpaper & Backgrounds
SkateboardingWalls.com contains a massive collection of Skateboarding wallpapers...
Change Default Wallpaper Folder to My Pictures on Windows XP
Have you ever wondered why Windows XP had such terribly ugly wallpapers to choose from? On top of that, there’s no way to easily change the list of backgrounds to a folder you might actually use… like your My Pictures folder.
hearts.gif (GIF Image, 76x78 pixels)
Four hearts for tiling all over your computer screen for Vanentine's Day
January’s Wallpaper Girl of the Month: Ana Ivanovic
With the month of January behind us and the highly entertaining Australian Open proving tennis can actually be fun to watch again, I have chose Ana Ivanovic as January’s Girl of the Month.
Aspen grove wallpaper,
Beautiful Aspen Grove wallpaper
My February Wallpaper!
February calendar wallpaper Comment: I couldn't focus on work with such a nice wallpager ;)
Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendars - February
Go get your own wallpaper calendar today!
Spring Day Crater Lake wallpaper
Spring Day Crater Lake wallpaper
WoW -> Downloads -> Wallpapers
World of Warcraft Wallpaper
Free Chilling Out in Paradise Wallpaper
Look at the blue skies, blue water, white sandy beach and lush green trees. Does this place actually exist?
Mavericks iPhone Wallpaper
...I threw together an iPhone wallpaper and thought I would share it with those of you...
Free Sunset Wallpaper
This sunset wallpaper is one of the best sunset images I’ve seen in a long time. I love how the palm trees are set in front of the orange sky.
ImageShack bsgwallpaperfinalfe6.jpg
Battlestar Galactica Last Supper Wallpaper
.Mac Web Gallery - iPhone Wallpaper
Large gallery of iPhone wallpapers
Animated Wallpaper: Poubel Coconuts
Brenopoubel has created another beautiful .dream (animated wallpaper) and shared it with the community. This is a "tropical" .dream with gently swaying palm trees against a sunset background.
Time for a new desktop calendar wallpaper
Yep... it is that time again. Time to change out your January wallpaper with a new valentine inspired February wallpaper.
Valentines Day Wallpaper II
Featuring a lovable minimalistic style, our second Valentines Day Wallpaper is sure to spice up your desktop for the holiday!
Chinese New Year - Free Wallpapers
Chinese New Year 4705 (Year of the Rat) Begins - February 7, 2008
Fondo de pantalla
How to see the back of the computer monitor on the front :-)
New World of Warcraft Wallpaper
One new wallpaper was posted today based off of the trading card game. It's pretty good if you're looking for a new WoW based wallpaper and even better if you're a fan of the TGC.
Zixpk.com: Wallpaper of the day
I took this picture a while ago and I think that it deserves wallpaper of the day. I call this picture Fabric, for obvious reasons.
What’s Your Wallpaper Wednesday
Ok, this time I did some photoshop magc and took a screenshot with the tooltip from each item in my dock.
Daily Wallpaper: Rambo (2008) Wallpapers
High Quality Rambo Wallpapers

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