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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Calendar Wallpapers for February

Added Desktop Calendar Wallpaper for February
Don’t know why, but there seem to be a lot of people who have downloaded the calendar of this design. I’m very happy to see it. Thank all of you for your interest.
February Calendar Wallpaper
Here is my creation for February, hockey all-stars
iMac Calendar Wallpaper
1280 x 800 px 1024 x 768 px
VAIO Calendar Wallpaper 2008 - February
VAIO Calendar Wallpaper 2008 - February Available Resolutions: 1024x600 1024x768 1280x800-1280 x 768 1280x1024 1366x768 1400x1050 1440x900 1600x1200 1680x1050 1920x1200
Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: February 2008
I think I’ll upload a few more interesting ones for the coming weekend (I guess…).

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iPhone Wallpapers Update

iNaruto Wallpaper
Naruto logo screen with black background
iModestMouse Wallpaper
Modest Mouse Wallpaper - iphone, music
iPhone, Colors Wallpaper
Bright colors, horizontal stripes
iAbbeyRoad Wallpaper
Beatle's Abbey Road cover art
iNarutoAlt Wallpaper
Naruto logo screen on white background
iPhone Senic Wallpaper
Beautiful scenic sunrise (or sunset) over water
iPixies Wallpaper
Pixies - iphone, music
iPhone, Mario Wallpaper
Leapin' pixels Mario
Futurama logo screen
iDarkSide Wallpaper
Pink Floyd's prism rainbow album cover art
iSuperman Logo
iphone wallpaper, movies, iphone, superman
Family Guy logo screen for iphone
The boys in the band - iphone, music
iRadiohead2 Wallpaper
Radiohead, the boys in the band
InRainbows Wallpaper
Radiohear's In Rainbows cover art
iPhone Space Wallpaper
Beautiful view of earth from space
iRollingStones Logo
tongue, iphone, music
iPhone '60's Wallpaper
Colorful hippies magic bus van - peace man...
iHendrix Wallpaper
Hendrix - iphone, music, iphone wallpaper

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Boatload of New Wallpapers

Night Movements
This is the very last picture of Venice, and it also happens to be my favorite. I love the moving gondolas in front of the brightly-lit Church of San Giorgio Maggiore on La Giudecca.
Desktop Extras: Choosing a Wallpaper
My favorite site for wallpapers is the oddly named Pixel Girl Presents. You can search by style, artist and, best of all, screen dimensions.
Xbox Wallpapers
Frontline: Fuel of War & Street Fighter IV Wallpapers
Cool pix of kite and kid and big sky, ahhhh
Desktop Wallpapers · Celebrities · Music · Justin Timberlake, Justified
Justin Timberlake, Justified
Only as strong as the weakest link. Part 2
The leftover links of the chain I put on my Ducati.
Desktop Customization For Scientists
Here are some science-themed icons and wallpaper spruce up your otherwise un-sciencey desktop! Enjoy!
Flower on flowers
yellow liquid
Apple juice, white wine or medical examination tomorrow ?..
Kumiyama JC
More futuristic freeways
Without lamps, there would be no light.
Inner core, abstracted
Reflection Lake
Reflection Lake near Mt Baker. 6 photo stitch.
Beautiful sunset
Brazil - Blossoms in Sao Sebastiao
Puffy pink flowers against bright blue sky
Laurel Street (after Martin Parr)
San Carlos, California. March 2006.
wood texture
wood texture
Sculpture II
Landscape, natural sand sculpture
Bagley Creek Reflection
Comment: I really like this. It is like a Rorschach inkblot test. seen in reflections
Anne Heche wallpaper at SexyDesktop - 428,000 free celebrity desktop wallpapers
Our Anne Heche picture gallery has a great choice of desktop wallpaper images and PSP backgrounds. They're all free and high-quality, with no logos or watermarks, so enjoy!
astronomy wallpaper
Astronomical Pictures
Unveiling the winners of the Oxygen contest for wallpapers
And so, after this long and tedious time of waiting for all of you we’re finally announcing the big winners of this fantastic contest! =)
M.C. Escheresque duck on the pond (with story)
Red Door
Title says it all. Great for lining up lots of icons.
Abstract 7303e
Imagen generada con Filter Forge, principalmente. Originales aquí. Más en: Colecciones Caleidoscopios y Experimentos (abstractos, backgrounds, efectos, recortes, etc.).
Kumiyama JC
Futuristic freeways at night
Close-up of ancient, colorfully painted door lock.
Fantastic landscape
Empty Harbour
with sun streaking across the water
Brazil - Tarituba - Relaxing colour
klik op de foto en je kan meevaren! True colours.
Rainbow Panel (Film)
I have no idea of those are rainbows, but arcs (whatever they represent) are just about the most common element in BCS panels.
Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures, Desktop Wallpapers, Screensavers, Photography - National Geographic
Stunning wallpapers from National Geographic
Another 17 Fantastic Free Wallpaper Images
Following on from our incredibly popular 13 Fantastic Free High Res Wallpapers published earlier in the year, we are now pleased to offer another 17 fantastic high res wallpaper images...
Make the Most of Your Dual Monitors
Whether you want to stretch your desktop wallpaper or taskbar across two monitors or perfectly snap all your windows into place every time, there are a few utilities that can help you make the most of every last pixel of your dual monitors.
Making wallpaper was never so easy!
...nothing beats those wallpapers which you can create on your own. WallPaperMaker is one such tool, which lets you create custom wallpapers and that with few clicks only.
Morning pond
Beautiful sunrise over lake
DaPino-Colada » Vector Guitar Wallpaper for iPhone or iPod
Vector Guitar Wallpaper for iPhone or iPod
Roaring thunder
Teeming surf
blue planet
Flyin' high...
Symbianize Valentine Wallpaper Contest
Symbianize Valentine Wallpaper Contest For the upcoming Valentines Day here's something i've cooked up for everyone
Laguna Querococha
More Ancash pictures
Steps at the Valletta Waterfront, Malta
Geyserville 2
I shot some photos in Sonoma County with my brother Randy. [onward through the fog]
Futuristic, in blue
I normally don't do fashion, but here is a yellow jacket.
On a funny note, I found myself playing Fountain Lifeguard as some of the bees would get stuck in the pool of water. I'd fish them out and they'd give a photo op for me while they dried off.
Laguna Querococha
Ancash. Callejon de Huaylas. Peru 2008

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Monday, January 28, 2008

New Wallpapers Roundup

Free Stairway to Heaven Wallpaper
This Vista wallpaper is incredible. The colors of the green grass, the grey road, the blue cloudy sky with the moon go so perfectly together, it really does make you think you’re on the road to paradise.
sea gull flying
sea gull flying - from brighton - UK
Desktop Wallpaper, Photography
Awesome shot of Fighter Jet Wallpaper
Alicia Keys Wallpaper
Here they are collection of Alicia Keys desktop themes wallpaper. All images are in high quality with 1024×768 pixel. They will fits to your windows vista desktop or Mac OSX background very well.
Daisy and Grass Wallpaper « Wallpaper Pictures
This was my favorite desktop-wallpaper last summer. It shows a daisy. nature, photo, Photography, plants, wallpaper
Bald Eagle Wallpaper
Amazing Bald Eagle, Central Minnesota
Wallpaper February 2008
Pink rose flower calendar wallpaper
Retro - Free Abstract Wallpaper
Sometimes it is best to take a look back and enjoy the quintessence in style, retro. Enjoy the latest abstract wallpaper from Digital Revolutions, “Retro.”
Happy Valentine's Day: A Girl In Love free desktop wallpaper
from her...
Big Island Sunset
Comment: Great shot! The reflections in the water are beautiful
Vista Wallpapers: Vista Wallpapers
This is page for Windows vista wallpapers and I hope you enjoy with these wallpapers.
Macbook Air Calendar Wallpaper
1024, 1280, calendar. desktop, Design, macbook air, wallpaper
Free Desktop Wallpaper-Space Pictures
Space Pictures-Free Desktop Wallpaper-NASA
Happy Valentine's Day: A Boy In Love free desktop wallpaper
from him
Foo Fighters Music Wallpaper
Below is the wallpaper for the Foo Fighters fans :)
Flyin Owl wallpaper
...what you see here is an Owl & this picture was taken in countryside nearby Brighton, UK
Radiohead Wallpaper
For the wallpaper, I designed the background based on the rainbow colours. I hope you like it. Music Wallpaper
Amy Winehouse wallpaper
Our Amy Winehouse picture gallery has a great choice of desktop wallpaper images and PSP backgrounds. They're all free and high-quality, with no logos or watermarks, so enjoy!
Spring Grass
Digging through some old photos found this nice photo. Might be good for a desktop background.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

New Wallpaper Listings, Weekend

18 Awesome Minimalistic Desktop Wallpapers
18 Awesome Minimalistic Desktop Wallpapers
Cloverfield Wallpaper
Cloverfield Wallpaper
Valentine's Red Rose 1
Just in time for Valentine's Day 2008, get this rose for you or that special someone as a high res desktop wallpaper...
Feng Shui my desktop wallpaper
I pick nature scenes. So here is my plug, hands down National Geographic has the coolest nature photographs!
Texas Screensavers and Desktop Themes
Liven up your desktop with one or more of these screensavers with a Texas flavor. Landscapes, wildlife, and more. Most of them are free too.
A tree in the lake
Foggy hills in the background
Winter postcard
the power of life -- snow winter wallpaper
Sunflower and others
frame full of orange, red, and yellow flowers; good for upcoming spring wallpaper for your desktop
Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: February 2008
I think I’ll upload a few more interesting ones for the coming weekend (I guess…).
InterfaceLIFT: Widescreen Wallpaper
amazing -- Mountain range near Moab, Utah.
Ferrari wallpaper
the Vehicles wallpaper named Ferrari
unpopped popcorn for iphone
Wallpaper February 2008 4/3
calendar wallpaper - Fond d'écran au format 4/3.
Anime Dream Girls Signatur wallpaper
Anime Wallpapers wallpaper named Anime Dream Girls Signatur
valentine wallpaper
Valentine Day Pictures
Star Field
3D fantasy wallaper, blue
Sunflower on Blue wallpaper
Sunflower on Blue
Spiderman 3 wallpapers - Free Wallpaper
Personalize your computer desktop with one of the [20+] wallpapers from Spider-Man 3.
Into The Fog
ships, ocean, fog
Kentermis by ~Mantrastic on deviantART
Wallpaper > Abstract
Big Show wallpaper
the Sports wallpaper named Big Show

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Edited on: Friday, January 25, 2008 11:51 AM

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Mid-Week Wallpapers

Car Wallpapers and Pictures
My Car Wallpapers is your source for thousands of high quality car pictures and car wallpapers. We have all makes and models.
Sexy iPhone Wallpapers | Free iPhone Wallpapers
Sexy iPhone wallpapers for the masses! I have created some wallpapers based on popular female celebrities from the United States and other countries...
Batman and Spiderman
Batman and Spiderman wallpaper for iPhone
manicho's deviantART gallery
Tons of iPhone wallpapers
Free Sunset at the Baltic Sea Wallpaper
Beautiful sunset over the Baltic Sea. This crystal clear photo is a pleasure to look at on those dreary days.
Still Life
comment: Lovely. has the feeling of the "Old Masters" paintings!
Wallpaper March 2008 4/3
Fond d'écran au format 4/3. Origin photo: Bateau & Fort de la rade de cherbourg. calendar wallpaper
Valentines Day Wallpaper
Here is the first in our collection of Valentines Day themed wallpapers. Check back soon for the other wallpapers as Valentines Day draws nearer!
A beautiful view of a mountain.
Taken in the White Mountains of New Hampshire off the Kancamagus highway. nature landscape
Pretty Sky
Dark blue sky, wispy pink clouds, landscape, nature
Where's Nemo?
Ooh! Ooh! I know! no wait...I can't remember...
New Hornets wallpaper
Here's another fresh and funky Hornets wallpaper from Dariusz Ejkiewicz, a.k.a. Fartman. This one features Chris Paul, Peja Stojakovic, David West and Tyson Chandler.
Viewing Wallpaper: Beautiful Eyes
eye, blue, flower, cloud, smoke,
Metallica Metal Wallpaper - Metallica Desktop Wallpapers
Metallica Metal Wallpaper
3D-Art · Yin-Yang Symbol
3D Fantasy Yin-Yang Symbol over ocean
Love Pictures Wallpapers gallery
Love Pictures Wallpapers, lots of heart themed wallpapers just in time for Valentine's Day
Wallpaper: Panther - Bodypainting
Mehr Bodypainting-Bilder bei Magistus.de Fotodesign im Portfolio! green eyes, red lips, yellow nails...
february 2008 wallpaper
my company released a new wallpaper every month for its clients... calendar wallpaper

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Monday, January 21, 2008

New Wallpaper Roundup

kissing wallpaper
1st page of numerous 'kissing' wallpapers -- just in time for Valentine's Day
Bird of Paradise
Flower -- Running through filters and couldn't decide which look I liked best, so I made all of them!
Mr. Cat: Cat Wallpaper #30
Two white friends
Cars · Chevrolet SS Concept Car, 2003 | Free Background Wallpapers 1024x768
Chevrolet SS Concept Car picture, wallpaper
Downloads : PimpMyWii.com
Anime wallpaper and backgrounds galore
Halo 3 halo "game desktop wallpaper 1600 x1200,Game wallpaper
page 1 of Game wallpaper > Halo 3 halo "game desktop wallpaper 1600 x1200
Under the Glowing Bridge
Sunset at huge span of a bridge along State Route 20
Happy New Year from Bleach Anime Wallpaper
To fill up the current categories with reviews I will have to review around 50 more bleach wallpapers.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
If you download this wallpaper to use with your phone, please drop me a line or leave a comment. I'd be interested to know who's using it.
Seaweed Palms
Half Moon Bay, California.
eagle wallpapers
Page one of Eagle Pictures wallpapers
ZoomGirls Wallpapers! Babes Playground
ZoomGirls.net-Sexy Desktop Babes Wallpapers
Red, Blue, Yellow & Green
Colourful windows and doors
Beautiful big-sky sunset, nature, landscape
Green Door
A little green door next to a pillar base in Valletta, Malta
Abstract 5539c
Imagen generada con Filter Forge, principalmente. Originales aquí. Más en: Colecciones Caleidoscopios y Experimentos (abstractos, backgrounds, efectos, recortes, etc.).
Nature · Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico | Free Background Wallpapers 1024x768
Desktop Wallpapers · Nature Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico From Nature
Top Free Desktop Wallpaper Sites
We put together a list of some of the best wallpaper sites out there. From the unique and weird to the stunningly beautiful, wallpapers fit to please all can be found on the list.
Tree Growing Out of Old Books
another example of the power of life
Into the Sunrise by ~kp858 on deviantART
Customization > Wallpaper > Landscapes & Scenery
Valentines Day Wallpaper
vector art design man on hill love hearts trees blue sky cloud love hearts 14 February party lovers Valentine's
Snowbound wallpaper
Snowbound -- winter snow wallpaper
Final Fantasy XIII/13 ~ FF-XIII.net
...I decided to double the PSP Wallpapers Library by adding eighteen new wallpapers featuring eight Final Fantasy XIII, six Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and four Final Fantasy Agito XIII wallpapers.
Air Lines
Surreal space art of airplanes circling the globe
Craters of Mercury and Wallpaper
I want to put it on my office computer and see how many “nice moon” comments I get.
Martin Luther King | MLK Day 2008 Wallpaper
Celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr with the MLK Day 2008 Wallpaper from Digital Revolutions. Let the dream live on!
Butterfly on Flower
Spring, flowers, butterfly -- This looks like it’s a Male Speyeria callippe callippe Butterfly. It was seen near Little Crater Lake...
Rocky Mountain National Park
Beautiful winter shot of RMNP! snow
Black Cat
Sneaky Black Cat picture
Winter on the Atlantic Sands
Desktop art made from the beach on Nags Head
Lamborghini Embolado Concept Wallpaper
Great wallpaper with the grey car on a grey background
Christmas, within
This photo has notes. Move your mouse over the photo to see them.
Free Rainbow Magic Wallpaper
Finally a rainbow wallpaper worth putting on your desktop. This image was beautifully modified to fully reflect the wonder of the rainbow. I like the mixture of the clouds, grass and water.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Lots of New Wallpapers for the Weekend

Planet Wallpaper/Saturn Rings
This natural color mosaic was acquired by the Cassini spacecraft as it soared 39 degrees above the unilluminated side of the rings.
Concrete Oasis
Illustrating the power of life
PSP Wallpapers & Themes
A nice garden wallpaper for your PSP
3D Wallpapers Colored Popsicles
Colored Popsicles
Along the Grand Canal
Multicolored buildings and vibrant boats line the banks of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.
Matryoshka Dolls
I was experimenting with various light sources, and these were the best photos I got.
New Calavera Wallpaper
Calavera Comics
Pampas Grass
Just testing out my new camera on the first sunny day (well couple of hours) we've had since Christmas.
Walls vektor5 wallpaper
the Walls-Vektor wallpaper named Walls vektor5
Kind of blue
Taken in Hervey Bay Queensland Australia... A briliant place!
Stealth Movie, FA-37 Talon Stealth Fighter
Stealth Movie, FA-37 Talon Stealth Fighter
Above the Clouds 4
Taken out the jet window while flying to Detroit Michigan. I love the sunkissed tops of the clouds.
Blade 2, 2002, Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Ron Perlman
Blade 2, 2002, Wesley Snipes
Hummer - HX Concept 2008
Hummer - HX Concept 2008
Beautiful orange rose on right half of screen
Hidden Sunset
Beautiful sunset behind a lone tree
Floating Island 2 Wallpaper
Floating Island 2 Wallpaper
Hulk for President
Hulk say, cover desktop with Hulk!
Firefox - Ladies Love It Wallpaper
"My friend showed me a really cool digital illustration called Firefoxy Lady. I thought to myself, this would make for a sick desktop background. I immediately opened up Photoshop and waved the magic wand."
Ewen - Final Fantasy
Ewen wallpaper
How to create a cool wallpaper by using paint
"This is one of the best cool tricks which i have found ever till now. I want to share it ..."
Widescreen Wallpaper
Sunset over the Gran Sasso Mountain in Abruzzo.
Troubles On Board
Troubles On Board
Gaming Wallpaper
Gaming Wallpaper for the iPod Touch / iPhone
Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Canada
Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Canada
Shuffle Wallpaper, Embed RSS Feeds in Your Desktop with Chaos Wallpaper
Windows only: Freeware application Chaos Wallpaper embeds RSS feeds in your desktop and shuffles your wallpaper on-the-fly.
Bright beautiful buildings line the hillside in the Italian town of Riomaggiore.
Drops on the window glass
The window glass after the rain.
Március 15. tér
Final Fantasy PSP Wallpapers
Final Fantasy PSP Wallpapers - 3
Everyday Ordinary: Starbucks Wallpaper
...gave me a fantastic opportunity to have this as my cellphone wallpaper
3D Wallpapers Gray Letters
Gray Letters
Bee on Flower wallpaper
Bee on Flower wallpaper
Sports Wallpaper
Sports Wallpaper for the iPod Touch / iPhone
Nature Wallpapers
Nature Wallpapers for the iPod Touch / iPhone
Nature's Wallpaper
The Perfect Morning...
Schonbrunn Zoo, Wien.
cool browns wallpaper
Cool Cleveland Browns wallpaper

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mid-Week Wallpapers Update

Naruto Wallpapers - Free Naruto Wallpapers - Naruto Backgrounds and Pictures
Naruto-Wallpapers.us. for the hot Naruto Wallpapers
61 wallpapers from Detroit 2008 Auto Show: Desktop Wallpaper Gallery
15 Amazing Free, High Resolution Wallpaper Images
...third offering. Take this opportunity to spruce up your desktop with wallpapers courtesy of some of Crestock's finest contributing photographers and designers.
Wallpaper Designs #2 / Design Float
Beautiful wallpaper designs.
Indiana Jones - Official Site
Click on downloads for a dozen cool wallpapers from the '08 movie
Sam's Tech Blog: Apple MacBook Air Wallpapers
I've just finished work on one of my Apple MacBook Air Wallpapers, there all free and un-water marked.
dual wallpapers | hi-res dual screen wallpapers
First of 10 pages of cool dual-screen wallpapers
Firefox Wallpaper downloads
400 Cool firefox wallpapers
Spring Butterflies (exe), from Brian Apps
Spring butterflies Animated Wallpaper
Lake+Michigan+Shore+wallpaper.jpg (image)
Colorful Lake Michigan wallpaper
Nature Wallpapers Pack1 gallery
16 beautiful Nature Wallpapers
Wallpaper Puppy
Cute blond puppy wallpaper
Leopard Wallpapers, Free and Customizable
Getting bored with your desktop display? Try this wallpaper I’ve recently designed.
Free Nokia Wallpapers Download Websites Review
If you are bored with the same standard mobile wallpapers you have great possibility to find mind-blowing, colorful wallpapers in various categories on the websites reviewed in this article. Each of them contains great number of free wallpapers...
Kaleidoscope on Flickr
Colorful Kaleidoscope wallpaper
Canoeing Grand Tetons wallpaper,
Canoeing Grand Tetons wallpaper. I prefer a nice sea worthy kayak my self, a little less stress on the back, but canoes are great for leisurely lake tours.
Kate Nash wallpaper at SexyDesktop
Our Kate Nash picture gallery has a great choice of desktop wallpaper images and PSP backgrounds. They're all free and high-quality, with no logos or watermarks
Abstract Sunset HD Wallpaper
Interesting High Definition (HD) wallpaper for your Windows Vista desktop.
the Argyle-o-Matic
Create Your Own Custom Argyle Pattern!
change my desk - regular is boring - minimal vector wallpapers
Four new wallpapers

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Monday, January 14, 2008

New Wallpapers Roundup

Game Wallpapers
Tons of game wallpapers
Free Desktop Wallpapers
Akbar and super star wallpapers
40SHQ Games Wallpapers
40 SHQ Games Wallpapers
Park Jin Hee - Jan 2008 wallpaper
Park Jin Hee - Jan 2008 calendar wallpaper
image bookmarking
Two Apples Wallpaper
Enjoy. Click for full size.
instaSaver | Create Animated Slideshow Screensavers Online
instaSaver.com enables you to instantly create Animated Slideshow Screensavers online.
Wallpaper: Touch Virtual Wood at Jarn - Simming La Vida Loca
The mind-blowing Fokker Dr.I by Team Gennadich.
Movie Wallpapers
More beautiful 300 movie wallpaper downloads
Paris Hilton wallpaper
the Models wallpaper named Paris Hilton
Audubon Zoo Desktop Wallpaper
We took hundreds of photos that day, several of which have been rotating through my collection of desktop wallpapers. You are welcome to them.
Baseball Walls
Each zipfile contains a couple of dozen baseball wallpapers to adorn your computer desktop. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I did making them.
Rajini Sultan-The Warrior Wallpapers!
Its 13th January. The day which scheduled for the release of the SuperStar’s new and the never seen before avtar. And here is some of the photos of Sultan-The Warrior.
Vector Grunge - Wallpaper
Digital Revolutions is proud to present our latest vector creation, “Vector Grunge”. Featuring random, abstract elements, Vector Grunge is sure to make you think.
Celebrity Wallpapers
Three dozen+ women
PaperMaker - Sexy Wallpapers Built By Yourself
Roll your own wallpaper
Drake Bell Wallpaper
Drake Bell Wallpaper
Best Wallpapers ever 6
Latest volume... more than two dozen beautiful and amazing wallpapers, and growing...
Bollywood Celebrity Wallpapers
Like Bollywood? You'll love this wide selection of wallpapers of Bollywood stars.
Wooden Art by Yuri Firsanov: Farrier
Wooden Art
Michael Jackson Bad wallpaper
Michael Jackson Bad wallpaper
Abstract Decor Desktop Wallpapers
abstract graphic design dark unrestained
Destiny wallpaper
"A Destiny" New Movie wallpaper
Tom Cruise wallpaper
Tom Cruise wallpaper
fractal wallpaper
Lots and lots of Fractal Pictures
estella warren wallpaper
Estella Warren Pictures

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Wallpapers for the Weekend

Pastel - Free Abstract Wallpaper
Check out Pastel, a completely free creation sporting a rather varied color scheme. Subtle and ornate, Pastel is an elegant way to transform you desktop into an abstract paradise. Enjoy!
Friday Night Lights Wallpaper - iPhone
Favorite show. Wallpaper made for my wife, so figured I'd share it here.
Hard To Find Records Wallpapers
Love HTFR as much as we do? Then you'll be wanting our cool new wallpapers and backgrounds. Just scroll down and add one of our wallpapers to your pc desktop or backgrounds to your myspace page!
Guild Wars Wallpaper
Want to add a bit of flair to your desktop? Grab this week’s newest wallpaper, featuring the original Guild Wars leading lady, Devona.
Forest Waterfall Wallpaper Waterfall Pictures & Waterfall Screensavers
Forest Waterfalls are some of the most beautiful sites of nature that a man's eye can behold. The beauty and tranquility that a forest waterfall picture provides is unparalleled throughout nature. I have compiled my most outstanding waterfall pictures for you to use for computer wallpaper...
RuneScape Wallpapers
More than two dozen RuneScape Wallpapers
Club VAIO: Calendar Wallpaper 2008 - January
VAIO Calendar Wallpaper 2008 - January
Party 7 Movie Wallpaper
Eiga Chirashi artwork for the Katsuhito Ishii’s Party 7. The sexy version poster artwork for this film
Defending Whales: Wallpaper of the week
Iceberg photo
198 iPhone Wallpapers
198 fonds d’écran pour votre Iphone
Forest Wildlife Pictures
Forest wildlife wallpaper and backgrounds for your PC or desktop can be found here...
Cottonelle Puppy Wallpaper
If i can't sit on your lap, at least i can sit on your laptop.
Audi TTS: New microsite online!
Here are some impressions from the site as well as some wallpapers for your desktop pleasure. Enjoy!
Dragon PC Wallpapers Dragon In Ice Mountain
Dragon PC Wallpaper
Fireworks Movie Wallpaper
Eiga Chirashi artwork for the Fireworks (Hana-Bi) from Takeshi Kitano. Really beautiful and well done poster artwork.
Forest Creek Pictures - Free Wallpaper and Backgrounds
Forest Creek pictures ...pictures to share with those who are nature and landscape enthusiasts. ...our favorite creek photographs for your use as desktop backgrounds, or for use on your website...
Dragon PC Wallpapers PC Icey Dragon
Dragon Wallpaper
Flow Wallpaper
It’s time for some fresh, dynamic colors for your desktop. So check out my brand new wallpaper “Flow”, inspired by the default PS3 background as well as by the icons of Adobe’s Creative Suite...
Frodo/Sam Wallpaper
Hey, guys! I've made a Sam/Frodo inspired wallpaper, and just thought I'd share it with you all!

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mid-Week Wallpaper Picks

Naruto Wallpapers
20 pages of rated Naruto Wallpapers
Vista Wallpaper
More than three dozen pretty Vista Wallpapers
The Screamy Wallpaper by ^emciem on deviantART
Screamy, starring in The Screamy Wallpaper. Well, you'd probably be screaming too if you were bolted to the floor and looked kinda like a radioactive condom.
Another simple wallpaper, feel her!
I was experimenting with Illustrator and Photoshop for an upcoming project and came up with this simple wallpaper.
Venice Wallpaper
Free Venice Wallpaper Photos with Inspiring Quotations
Any Wallpaper 1.1.0 software - Windows
Any Wallpaper is a [freeware] wallpaper changer that helps you to change wallpapers on a regular basis automatically.
Mac OSX Screensaver Wallpaper
Turn your screensaver into your desktop wallpaper.
The Pong Clock Screensaver 2.0
The Pong Clock Screenaver 2.0, based on the classic game. It plays a random game of Pong that lasts for 24 hours - the right side wins every minute and the left side wins every hour.

Posted by KenW at 8:36 AM

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Wallpapers Roundup

Chemistry wallpaper
The blue bubbles make for a nice graphic, but generally in real world chemistry lab situations sudden eruptive reactions like this are not a good thing.
Naruto Gallery | Wallpapers
A huge collection of Naruto wallpapers for your desktop!
Alfa Romeo Spider Wallpaper
Two pages of Alfa Romeo Spider Wallpapers
Kylie Minogue 1024 x 768 wallpaper (high resolution picture)
Kylie Minogue 1024 x 768 wallpaper
Teri Hatcher 1024 x 768 wallpaper (high resolution picture)
Teri Hatcher wallpaer
Surreal - Free Abstract Wallpaper
Welcome to Surreal, a visually pleasing creation with a simplistic color scheme and gritty urban feel. Featuring oodles of detail, Surreal is just what you need to give your desktop a hip, urban feel. Enjoy!
Widescreen Wallpaper 1440×900
I needed some decent wallpapers to plug into my 19 inch monitor. So took these Photographs that I have taken and sliced them into widescreen wallpapers.
Sweeney Todd Wallpaper
"So I went and saw this. Too much CGI for my tastes, but it was good."
Wallpaper Magic | wallpapers, wallpaper, desktop wallpaper, free wallpaper, animated wallpapers, animal wallpaper, cartoon wallpaper, sexy wallpaper, funny wallpaper
Wallpaper Magic is a website that provides free wallpapers of different categories.Our collection include high resolution high quality wallpapers suitable for your desktop.You can download them for free of cost.
Lindsay Lohan 1024 x 768 wallpaper (high resolution picture)
Lindsay Lohan wallpaper
Final Fastasy X Wallpaper
Final Fastasy X Wallpaper
Royalty-free stock Illustration [Vector] | Circles Chain Wallpaper
Circles Chain Wallpaper
Midnight Gamer Ninja Moon Wallpaper
Midnight Gamer > Other > Midnight Gamer Ninja Moon Wallpaper
Katharine McPhee 1024 x 768 wallpaper (high resolution picture)
Katharine McPhee wallpaper
Frederique Constant | Wallpapers Clock
Brands: Frederique Constant | Wallpapers Clocks Gallery
cake wallpaper
Two plus pages of wallpapers of cakes
Painted Lotus Wallpaper
Some wallpaper I made in PSP. Feel free to use it on your desktop.
Virtual Earth Screen Saver
Check out the Virtual Earth Screen Saver ...The screen saver reads Virtual Earth permalinks from RSS feeds and uses the Virtual Earth API to show Birdseye and satellite images
Amazing Variety of Computer Wallpapers
More than 200 great looking wallpapers for your desktop
Purple Hearts Wallpaper
Purple Hearts Wallpaper
icecream1280.jpg (JPEG Image, 1280x1024 pixels)
Cartoon-style disgruntled royalty ice cream cone
Sin City Cast Wallpaper
Sin City Cast Wallpaper
wallpapers : colourcode : 01 | grab it! optimized for 2560x1600
Colourcode wallpapers
Naruto Wallpapers
...an image gallery of Naruto wallpapers. ...more then 1000 unique Naruto wallpapers.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Weekend Wallpapers

Christina Aguilera 1024 x 768 wallpaper (high resolution picture)
Christina Aguilera blowing a kiss
Girl and Car Wallpaper
1st of six pages of girls and cars wallpaper
Hilary Duff 1024 x 768 wallpaper (high resolution picture)
Resolution: 1024 x 768 View all available resolutions pixel - Filesize: 181 KB
Acura Wallpaper
10 Acura Wallpapers
Wallpaper: Southern Saturn
A gorgeous view of Saturn’s southern pole which has seen every little exposure in terms of global views (or near global) like this.
Cupcake Wallpaper
This is the first bit of cupcake art I’m trying.
Tenere Tree -free desktop wallpapers, high resolution,...
Recently, I learned the sad story of Arbre du Ténéré - the most isolated tree on Earth ...I was so touched I could not help making a wallpaper about it!
Vista Wallpaper | Drawing Techniques
That's it all finished here's my final result but I've added the text to the orb and some smaller orbs around it.
Tropical Break wallpaper, Miami Circle secrets to remain buried
I had another nice winter theme wall planned for the day, but then as the weather had turned so cold in even the deep south I thought maybe some readers might appreciate a break even if only a visual one.
Aishwarya Rai Wallpaper
The beautiful Aishwarya Rai
Firefox desktop wallpaper
Firey eye Firefox desktop wallpaper
Neve Campbell 1024 x 768 wallpaper (high resolution picture)
Resolution: 1024 x 768 View all available resolutions pixel - Filesize: 147 KB
Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class Wallpaper
13 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class Wallpapers

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Wallpapers, Calendar, Screensaver, Shareware

FREE Country Music 2008 Calendar Wallpaper - Country Music
Twelve 2008 calendar wallpaper featuring country music stars
High quality 1024 X 768 wallpaper for your desktop
Looking for some high quality 1024 X 768 wallpaper for your desktop? Here's a few [5] free wallpaper images that you can download to your desktop and use however you want to.
Just Wallpaper with Mask Pack 1.0
Easily set up your own themes and add all the wallpaper images you desire. (shareware)
Dead Rising | Free Online ScreenSavers
Download the wallpapers above or the screensaver below.
The Best Web Sites for Mallika Sherawat Wallpaper
...one of Bollywood's hottest actresses is Mallika Sherawat. With her beautiful face and perfect body, Mallika Sherawat is an inspiration for any movie star photographer. Here are the best Web sites for finding Mallika Sherawat wallpaper.
Siberian Winter - Photo Effects
Tips about how I made the Siberian Winter wallpaper
Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive Wallpaper
Eight sleek Mercedes' wallpapers.
I am Paul Burgess - Portfolio of a Brighton based web designer » » Desktop wallpaper designs
Here are some examples of artwork I have created for desktop wallpapers for delarge.co.uk using photos from my Urban Dirty texture photography site and from Quizz, Yuki and Gabriela
Amy Adams Wallpaper
1st of two pages of two dozen Amy Adams Wallpapers
Street Fighter IV wallpaper rodeo
...there are a bunch of totally sweet fan-made wallpapers springing up.
Linux wallpaper
Linux wallpaper - save for Valentine's Day

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Wallpapers 1/2/08

25 Highest Grossing Films of All Time (Wallpaper)
As an early birthday gift to you, here are my results in wallpaper form:
Gemma Atkinson 1024 x 768 wallpaper (high resolution picture)
Resolution: 1024 x 768 View all available resolutions pixel - Filesize: 156 KB
High Crime (1973) - Movie Wallpaper
Rocking Eiga Chirashi artwork for the crime film High Crime ...that started the Italian crime film wave back in Italy back in the 70’s.
Corporate - Free Wallpaper
Digital Revolutions presents, “Corporate”, a high-contrast creation revolving around the corporate scene. Enjoy!
Pretty Blue Eyes January 2008 Wallpaper
...every so often she puts just beautiful pictures for GP use like this one.
Summer Lady
Zum Jahresende noch was Sommerliches. Ich hab ziemlich lange dafür gebraucht um die richtige Stimmung rein zu bekommen. Auflösung wie immer 1280 x 1024.
Winter Sky Wallpaper
Winter sky wallpaper
January 2008 Wallpaper
January 2008 Calendar Wallpaper
Vladstudio wallpaper
Vladstudio wallpaper
Detroit Pistons January 2008 Schedule Wallpaper
Here's the January 2008 Pistons Schedule Wallpaper with the home games in red and the away games in blue.
Lucy Pinder 1024 x 768 wallpaper (high resolution picture)
Resolution: 1024 x 768 View all available resolutions pixel - Filesize: 62 KB

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